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essay paraphrasing sampleWhen you paraphrase papers of what another person has written, it is not just about simply changing a word or two for their synonyms or rearranging the sentences to form some jumble of words that looks ok. You would be far better off to just quote the original text. But by quoting too much, you risk losing your own voice in the essay so much so that it will be hard to find any original input. Your paraphrase must therefore be sufficiently different from the original passage but still conveying the author’s facts or conclusions accurately in your own unique style. By taking a look at other sample of paraphrasing, you will see that it can also be used to demonstrate your understanding of the author’s ideas and help others by explaining difficult concepts.

A lot of people find this whole process of completely changing the wording, yet keeping the same meaning very difficult to achieve and end up losing concentration and inadvertently copy from the original work. This plagiarism, inadvertent or not can have severe consequences that may lead to expulsion from your seat of learning. This is why many people look for professional paraphrasing essay examples like the ones we can provide you with. Our experts have produced many samples of paraphrasing over the years that have had a positive effect on many students learning process in order to succeed in the task ahead of them.

Professional Help through Our Paraphrasing Examples

essay sample of paraphrasingPlagiarism will be one the biggest problems you will face when taking on any paraphrase assignment, that and keeping the original author’s meaning while trying to assimilate their work into your own project. While the internet abounds with many paraphrasing samples that can be easily downloaded, many of them tend to focus on getting the essay format right and give vague directions on the process.  To help you carry out your essay writing, our experts have drawn up a list of insightful tips in our example of paraphrasing to prepare you for the task ahead:

• Read and re-read the original source carefully until you are confident that you completely understand the meaning of the work.

• Choose small sections at a time to paraphrase, this is much easier than trying to complete large chunks all at once.

• Ignore the phrasing or wording of the original work and focus instead on the meaning of the sentence you intend to paraphrase.

• When you write the paraphrase, always cover the original source so that you put the meaning of it into your own words.

• Use writing prompts with subject headings and key words to help simplify the task.

• Don’t just change a couple of words and keep the original wording. At best, doing this is poor paraphrasing paper and at worst, even if accidental is a type of plagiarism.

• Always double check that each paraphrased section has the same meaning as the original.

• Replace key words by using their definitions instead.

• Switching the order of the original is a good way to begin a paraphrase.  This will help ensure that you adjust the grammar and so avoid plagiarizing.

• Keep checking that you have used your words and way of expressing ideas or information and not just changing words around or putting them into a different order.

• A good paraphrase should be roughly the same length as the original. Making your paraphrase shorter may leave out important information. However, if it is significantly longer, you may be adding in your own ideas and will not be clear to the reader where the source information stops and your additions begin.

Experts @ the Trent University tell us:

“Use paraphrasing when you want to emphasize the ideas presented in a single, short text, but when you don’t want or need to give a direct quotation. If the information is more important than the actual words used, paraphrase the original. It is usually better to paraphrase than to quote directly since quotations are often difficult to integrate smoothly. If you paraphrase, your essay will flow better and your ideas will be clearer”.

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