FAQ on How to Rewrite My Paragraph

Rewrite my paragraph; frequently asked questions and answers on our rewriting, paraphrasing, rewording and rephrasing services.

Can you rewrite my paragraph quickly?

When you sign up for our services you have the opportunity to set the deadline within which you need the work completing in. If you need us to “rewrite my paragraph” quicker than the times specified just contact us and we will see if we can help you. There is always someone here around the clock every day of the week you can talk to.

I have a technical article that is written for university students, I need it to be rewritten for high school students. Is this possible through your service?

Our paper rewording service can be used for any form of writing from a newspaper piece to a technical paper such as the one you have. We get requests for rewriting for a whole variety of different reasons such as making an article simpler and more appropriate for the audience such as your request or to just change something so that it will not be seen as a direct copy.

I need to reword my paragraph so that it will not be seen as a copy online, is that possible?

When we reword a paragraph we use an expert that will not just change each word to make it look a little different. They will carefully read what has been written so that they fully understand it and then rewrite it completely in their own words. This will often result in a different number of sentences, a different structure and obviously completely different words so that no one will be able to tell that it has been copied.

How can I be sure that what you give me will be unique when you rephrase my paragraph?

Firstly, we employ the very best staff in the business who are highly experienced in rephrasing paragraphs or rewriting sentences to ensure that they are not copies. Secondly, we put every page from our staff through a plagiarism check to ensure that there is no copied material.

Can’t I just use software to rewrite my paragraph?

You can try, however, you need to carefully consider how the software works and the results that you will likely get. Most software works by just changing each word for its synonym one by one as it works through your paragraph. This, however, normally results in very poor paragraphs as the software cannot read and will often use incorrect words. It also results in a document that has exactly the same structure and word count as the original; if it can be done by software it can also be seen by sophisticated software as a copy.

The service that will reword my paragraph for sure is right here!