How Plagiarism Can Affect Your Life

How can plagiarism affect your life? Plagiarism is a serious offense of taking another author’s writing and passing it off as your own. Today, plagiarism is rampant among students and even professionals who take information from books, website pages, shows and articles, among any other media and submit it off as their own. However, not all people know that it can affect someone’s life. Take a look at the following groups and things they have to say.


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How Plagiarism Affects People

A six-year old

“My first day at school is unforgettable.”

“I don’t want to start school…”

17 years old:

“It’s time to start choosing a college. I want to know everything!”

“College? What? Phhh…”

22 years old

“I studied really hard. I got an A+ for my term paper.”

“It was so easy! I copied a term paper and got good mark.”

30 years old

“I got a really cool job!”

“I am a public person! Ha-ha! I am lucky!”

40 Years Old

“I am a boss at my work! I am happy!”

“OMG! Media discovered that I copied my term paper!”

45 Years Old

“I have a family and start building the house. I am lucky!”

“My public career is over…What to do?”

50 Years Old

“I started a foundation to help talented students.”

“After a public lawsuit, I lost everything! I have no family, no friends, no reputation…”

How to Avoid Plagiarism

Learn how to paraphrase or rewrite. To get started, read and understand the passage and re-read if you have to in order to comprehend its main idea better. When writing, close the internet window, book or any other source where to see the copy. Begin with the task and compare it with the original passage when done. Make sure that the main idea is present in your work and then cite your source for it. If you feel like you can’t paraphrase it yourself, there are plenty of services that can help you and all you need to do is just type “reword my paper” in Google.

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