Make Your Paraphrasing Essay Perfect – Avoid Mistakes

Paraphrasing essay can be perfect, if it contains no mistakes. However, not all students can perform the task well if they are clueless on how to do it right. Check out the following for help you need in rewriting.

paraphrase essay

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How to Paraphrase Correctly

  1. Read and understand the essay. What is its main topic? What are the supporting details that back it up?
  2. When rewriting, keep the source out of sight. Close your internet window or book, where you have found the essay. In the process, you will be able to focus and avoid distractions when writing.
  3. Write in your own words and do not change words into their synonyms. This isn’t the right process to paraphrase. Get the gist of the essay and write based on your understanding.
  4. Don’t forget to cite the source where you have taken the information or the essay.
  5. Proofread and edit your essay to detect any mistakes in your writing.

Paraphrasing Examples

  • Early in the series – First season
  • More threatened – Greatest threat
  • Closest friend and associate- One family member
  • His mother colludes with his uncle- His mother and uncle are conspiring
  • His kids click through web sites- His children are surfing the web

Content Mistakes to Avoid

  • The content does not reflect and develop the real topic
  • The introduction is absent
  • Essay without thesis
  • Thesis statement lacks ideas
  • The conclusion is absent

Stylistic Mistakes

  • Word repetition
  • Too long short sentences
  • Inappropriate words
  • Sentences beginning with coordinating conjunctions
  • Too many passive structures

Structural Mistakes

  • Sentence errors- text structure errors

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