Paraphrasing Essay: Common Questions

paraphrasing essay faqKnowing how to rewrite an essay is an important skill since most people will at some point during their education be required to paraphrase when researching and writing a paper. It is a difficult process which requires creativity and allows a writer to better incorporate the original information into their writing. Paraphrasing essays that have been written by someone involves taking the central idea and changing the wording and structure into your own words. This may sound like a simple thing to do, but many people find that when they attempt to ‘change my essay’ to suit their purposes, they repeat the same words or lose the central idea of the original.

This is why many students and professional writers equally seek out expert help with how to reword an essay from services such as ours to give them the best chance to of presenting a paper that makes an impact.

In this short FAQ, we have selected some of the more important questions about how to rephrase an essay which we are always asked when contacted to answer which we hope you will find useful:

Is manual essay rewriting any better than using an online tool?

There are many services online who offer free essay rewording through use of an online tool. These essay rewriting tools are useful for providing fast results if you’re in a hurry and cut out any plagiarism and word repetition issues. There is a drawback however, because a machine has no understanding of the original writing, it simply changes words with their synonyms and changes the order. But because of the complexity of the English language in that a lot of words have different meanings within the context of how they are used; the end result can often be ineligible and very confusing. This problem can be avoided through using a manual approach to rewording a paper by an expert who has a good mastery of the English language such as the ones we employ.

Which file format will be used to rewrite my essay?

With there being so many types of computers and operating systems in use around the world today, it is difficult staying up to date with the file types that the latest programs are using.  However, because we are a professional service with a highly skilled support team, we can offer your essay rewording to you in the file format of your choosing. When completing the order form, simply state your preference and our customer support will ensure your paper is prepared exactly how you want it.

Do your writers understand how to rephrase an essay manually?

Unlike many other rewrite my essay online services, we never employ foreign consultants that can barely speak English or rely solely on computer software to complete the work for us. We employ professionals who have a profound knowledge of their subject areas and have many years of experience in paraphrasing in both the academic and business environments. We guarantee that the writer who is assigned to help rewording a paper with you:

• Speaks and write in English as their native language

• Holds a higher level degree within the subject relevant to your needs

• Has a full understanding of all academic writing rules including referencing and plagiarism

• Is highly experienced and understands exactly how to reword an essay for any audience

What if I’m not satisfied with the final result?

After you have received the payment confirmation e-mail, your expert will carefully check through your order to see exactly what your requirements are before any work commences. They will then proceed to work on your essay until a draft has been completed. This will be sent to you for review where you are able to make any suggestions to improve the work if needed. We offer an unlimited number of reviews so that the finished work will exceed your expectations. You are always covered by our full satisfaction money-back guarantee if we fail to meet your requirements or expectations.

Do you guarantee the essay rewriting I receive is original?

Our team of expert rewriters work extremely hard to ensure all paraphrasing tasks carried out are not only original rewritten text but that they also make sense and not just a jumble of words. However, to ensure there has been no unintentional plagiarism carried out, each and every piece of work that has been completed by any of our writers will be thoroughly checked. This is done by submitting it through an intensive online plagiarism tester which will generate a report of uniqueness which will then be attached to the final paper and sent to you free of charge.

essay rewriting faqWe understand that we cannot cover every possible concern that people may have on this short FAQ but our friendly support team is always available 24/7 to answer any further questions about the paraphrasing services we provide. Simply call our toll free number or send us an e-mail and we guarantee to provide all the information you need.

For professional paraphrasing essay services carried out by the best expert writers online, get in touch with our customer support team now for outstanding assistance at prices you can afford!

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