Tips On How To Paraphrase In An Essay

how to paraphrase in an essay

What Is a Paraphrase?

To paraphrase something means to take the ideas of somebody else from a source and put them into your own words. Essentially you are saying the same thing as was originally said but in a different way. Rephrase paragraph in an essay usually means rewriting the words that somebody else has written, and using them in your own work.
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As long as you acknowledge and document the original source of the material, paraphrasing in an essay is considered a legitimate way to include information from another source in your own work. Even with all the words changed and the text restructured, if the rewritten passage conveys the same ideas as the original, it is a paraphrase. Paraphrasing without crediting the original writer and source is considered plagiarism and viewed as a serious offence in the academic world. Knowing how to paraphrase in an essay is often useful, and won’t be an issue if properly done.

How to Paraphrase in an Essay

To properly paraphrase a written passage you need to thoroughly understand the original passage you are paraphrasing. Teachers are fond of having students paraphrase material for that reason. Follow the steps shown here when you need to paraphrase material:

Read the original passage until you understand it completely.
Without looking at the original passage, rewrite the passage in your own words but make sure the meaning isn’t altered. By not looking at the original version, you are much less likely to inadvertently use words from the original or copy the structure.
Compare your version with the original to make sure no idea or point was lost (or added), and that it is in your own words and style.
If you use a unique term or phrase as it was originally written enclose it in quotation marks.
Make a note with your paraphrase to remind you where and how you intend to use it in your essay. Also, document all the original source information so you can properly reference the source, and to avoid accidentally failing to document the paraphrased portion of your essay.

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Tips on How to Paraphrase in an Essay

When writing an essay rewriting is common when any research is involved and knowing how to paraphrase in an essay is a useful skill. The following tips can be useful when you use paraphrasing in an essay:

  • Make sure you haven’t just used swapped original words with a synonym in your paraphrase. Swapping words without changing the structure is an improper paraphrase.
  • Make sure the original meaning is kept completely intact.
  • If unsure whether or not something should be documented as a source, then document it. If you are wrong it a small mistake, whereas plagiarism can have severe consequences.

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