Top 10 Essay Paraphrasing Tips

Is getting help with essay paraphrasing important?

Many people struggle greatly with paraphrasing; this is repeating something using completely different words while still relating the exact same message. Many people will end up still repeating large portions of the original text or they will fail to fully cover all of the points or even change them. We paraphrase for a variety of reasons such as:

  • To make an essay easier to understand
  • To repurpose for a different audience
  • To improve an essay that has been poorly written
  • To use the information again without issues with plagiarism

With so many people struggling to paraphrase the following tips are offered to help you to ensure that your paraphrasing is done accurately.

Our 10 tips for essay paraphrasing

essay paraphrasingRead the original essay carefully to ensure that you fully understand it

essay paraphrasingMake careful notes in your own words of the points raised

essay paraphrasingCheck your notes to ensure you cover every raised point in the original

essay paraphrasingHighlight the various keywords used within your notes

essay paraphrasingUse a thesaurus to find alternatives to the keywords used

paraphrasing essayRewrite the essay using your notes without reference to the original

paraphrasing essayLeave time between making your notes and rewriting so that you are less likely to repeat entire phrases from the original

paraphrasing essayCheck that your rewritten essay covers all points raised

paraphrasing essayCheck that your rewritten essay does not repeat phrases from the original

paraphrasing essayEnsure that you have not added your own opinions or additional information

These tips will help you to ensure that your paraphrasing is done in a manner that will capture all of the main points while using different language. If however you are still struggling with your paraphrasing our professional essay paraphrasing services can help.

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